Branding and communications strategy

Strong brands share two main characteristics – they are clearly positioned in customers’ minds, and they act in a consistent, integrated way.

We work with clients to differentiate their brands from the competition in ways that are proven to be relevant and compelling to the target audience.  We then help them translate brand strategy into product and service innovations, behaviours, values and a clear sense of purpose.

We have an outstanding track record of developing branding and marketing strategies for world class brands, and members of our team have previously held senior roles in both major advertising agencies and client organisations.


Market Research

Any marketing campaign, either online or off, needs to be founded on a clear understanding of the target audience, their needs, and how your product or service might satisfy those needs better than the competition.

Testing ideas, offers, mechanics and messages is a cornerstone of our approach, and we strongly encourage our clients to review and act on audience feedback both before and after launch.

We have a wealth of experience in both consumer and business to business research, and have helped some of Britain’s most famous brands and organisations to understand their market better, develop new products, and be more successful.

We offer a range of techniques including focus groups, depth interviews, workshops, desk research and data analysis.


Brand identity and design

Web design

Content and social media marketing