Web design

The internet offers tremendous opportunities to get yourself noticed, communicate important messages, build a relationship with your customers, and even do business electronically, but it requires a lot of time, technical knowledge and creative flair to build, host and maintain an effective website.

There are lots of companies offering help, but most are staffed by computer geeks who don’t understand your business, and can’t (or won’t) focus their efforts on creating a solution that is fit for purpose – helping you achieve your most relevant objectives and not wasting time or money on the bits that don’t matter. As experienced marketers ourselves, will help you identify what role the internet can play in your marketing strategy, what you might need in your site – and what you don’t!

Our web development platform of choice is WordPress – a powerful, open source content management system that offers a great degree of flexibility in its applications to different kinds of usage and design. WordPress is already used in over 70 milllion websites worldwide.

One of the major benefits of WordPress is that clients can edit and update the websites themselves. This is a simple process that requires no special software; it’s all done from your web browser, and we provide full training and support.

Some key features available with Freedom Hill websites

Search-engine-friendly site design, to maximise your chances of a high listing on Google and other search engines

Responsive design (i.e. your site will work on mobile phones and tablets, as well as on PCs)

Integration with your social networking profiles including Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Integration with MailChimp – a market-leading e-mail marketing and database management platform

Paypal store functionality, so you can sell products and services online

Automated online backups, so you never lose any of your precious web content

If required, we can help you produce the creative content for your website, including brand identity, photography and online video. We’ll even help you write the blurb if you need us to.

Once the site is up and running, we will give you advice and support on how to make your site work harder for you – for example, achieving great search results on Google, using keyword advertising and other mechanics to drive traffic to your site, and optimising the content of your pages so that you persuade the maximum number of visitors to transact with you.


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